Folded Keyholder

I was tired of how keys have scratched my phone and ripped my pockets so I decided to design an item to prevent it. I always carry a lot of keys, so the keyholder has to be spacious on the inside, but at the same time relatively small in dimensions to fit in the pocket and least but not the last – remain my signature  one-piece folded construction’s design. To enable the space for more keys I’ve wrapped the sides of the keyholder around the back so it became kind of curved. Usually I carry 6-7 keys at a time but this keyholder can fit up to 10.

As I personally like it, leather goods should be giving you a certain sense of warmth while holding them at hand so that you actually don’t want to put them away. Thanks to my rich experience and based on my knowledge in leather selection I made the  choice to use vegetable tanned leather with a smooth finish. This one in particular came from the Badalassi Carlo factory from Santa Croce, Italy. This specific type of leather together with the minimalistic yet stylish folded construction lead to a product you want to hold in your hands. Not to forget to mention also  a natural flowerish scent coming from the leather.

This keyholder not only was designed in Estonia, but also was handmade in my studio in Tallinn in accordance with the best modern leather crafting techniques yet without forgetting about the traditional ones to remain a classic look of the presented product.

Dimensions: x x x x x

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